OpenAI Previews New ChatGPT Features Ahead of Developer Conference: Key Rumors to Know

    Rumors suggest OpenAI is set to launch a major upgrade to its ChatGPT features, including an advanced chatbot constructor. This comes as the AI giant is preparing for its first-ever developer conference. Get the latest updates and rumors about OpenAI's upcoming release.

    OpenAI Previews New ChatGPT Features Ahead of Developer Conference: Key Rumors to Know

    There's a buzz in the air as OpenAI gears up for its inaugural developer conference, amid reports of a notable ChatGPT upgrade being on the horizon. The Decoder recently unveiled a series of leaked images and footage showcasing an advanced chatbot constructor bearing similarity to existing ChatGPT features powered by GPT-4, including web surfing and data scrutiny capabilities.

    In addition, whispers suggest OpenAI might introduce a fresh marketplace for users to share their bespoke chatbots or explore creations from fellow users. The speculations were fueled further by a summarization of the speculated innovations posted online by a user named Choi a couple of days back.

    Adding to the intrigue, this morning, SEO tool developer Tibor Blaho gave a sneak peek at the functioning of the prominent feature through a live demonstration video. It illustrates the GPT Builder feature, which allows users to key in prompts - for instance, 'design a creative to generate imagery for novel products' - facilitating chatbot creation.

    The 'Create' tab presents language, tone, and writing style settings for the chatbot. Following this, the 'Configure' tab offers fields for naming the bot, outlining its capabilities, and setting boundaries regarding what tasks it can perform. Furthermore, users are allotted the flexibility of uploading custom files to create a bespoke knowledge base, alongside managing capabilities such as internet browsing and image creation. The chatbot can also be enhanced with custom actions.

    The Configure tab is accompanied by a 'Preview pane' equipped with a prompt box for real-time testing and fine-tuning of the bot during the editing process. A comprehensive breakdown of the GPT Builder was also shared by Blaho in a LinkedIn post.

    Complementing the promising new Gizmo tool, Choi asserts that OpenAI anticipates launching an enterprise-centric 'Team' subscription option with both 'Flexible' and 'Annual' plans. The highlight features of the Team plan, as detailed in the shared screenshot, include unrestricted high-speed GPT-4 access and quadruple context length. It will supposedly be priced at $25 per month per user. The non-annual scheme is predicted to be slightly more expensive at $30 per month, with both plans enforcing a three-user minimum.

    Recent beta developments in the ChatGPT realm entail live web results, image generation capabilities, and voice chatter. As per OpenAI, the upcoming developer conference slated for Monday promises the unveiling of additional tools, which leaves eager fans on the edge of their seat, awaiting confirmation of these compelling rumors.

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